Excerpt from The Ice Cream Man & Other Stories

The Ice Cream Man & Other Stories by Sam Pink is out now in audio. It was narrated for you by Alan Carlson and it’s absolutely beautiful and fun as hell. Listen to the sample below then go and get it. Please and thank you.

Cone dealer, sunshine stealer, alleyway counselor, lunch lady to the homeless, friend to the dead, maker of sandwiches. Metal wrangler. Stag among stags. And so it goes–another journey through time spent punched in. A life’s work of working for a living. Blood, death, and violence. Dirty dishes, dead roaches, and sparkler-lit nights. Nights ahead and no real fate. So open your mouths because the forecast calls for sprinkles. Thirteen delights, scooped and served. Let it melt down your hand. Let the sun burn your face. It’s the ice cream man, and other stories. 

Sample of The Ice Cream Man & Other Stories by Sam Pink/Alan Carlson

One of Dennis Cooper’s Favorite Books of the Year

“Pink is a keen observer of the culture of minimum-wage jobs and low-rent studio apartments that is the reality of life for all those who don’t find a cog space in today’s hyper-capitalist economy.”The Guardian

“The characters in Sam Pink’s stories exist on the fringes of American culture and are barely hanging on there . . . Pink’s narrator is a noticer, a recorder, a performer of his observations in a world where little beyond the moment matters, conversation is mostly a matter of trading wisecracks and insults, and circumstances are beyond one’s control. Pink can make perfect little sentences or poke fun at the tools of his craft. He can be funny, faux-profound, loopily self-aware. And, finally, against the drumbeat of ‘no real fate,’ he can insist: ‘There is more than this. And I matter absolutely, until I don’t.'” ––Ellen Akins, The Washington Post

Pink’s prose is sharp and tight, with short sentences fired off in rapid succession. Consequently, even longer stories like ‘Blue Victoria’ can be read quickly, and the whole collection could be finished in a day. Readers who miss Charles Bukowski’s blue-collar-centered fiction will find lots to like here. — Booklist


SAM PINK‘s books include PersonThe No Hellos DietHurt OthersRontelWitch Piss, and The Garbage Times/White Ibis. His writing has been published widely in print and on the Internet and translated into other languages. He currently lives in Michigan and sells paintings from

ALAN CARLSON is passionate about audiobook performance that delivers the message as intended. You can learn more about Alan and his work here