Shy Watson Reads Cheap Yellow, And Also Some Dreams She Had

Listen to Shy Watson do a  reading from her new collection CHEAP YELLOW, out now from the very good people at CCM Press. As a bonus, listen to a recording of some dreams she had. We like this and Shy very much. 



i can’t remember the funny thing about the cat

there is a street by a dunkin donuts

that you walk the girls down

you take them to the apartment

with the hall full of mirrors

i cry

every time

i come

if i could just run backwards

without falling

if i could just fall

without causing a scene




tongue like a metronome

yr pink door

sharks on your sides

eat my ass

i am so

morning after

i dont know you,

little bjorn,

baby bjorn,

i take a picture of you

& yr inky legs

in yr dirty bed

the big german moon

a whole bottle of you

the plates stacked by

broken chocolates

little known

crumpled sheets

the past 6 months

you tell me

im the best

gentle with the rim of you

gentle with the lips of you

pale as ice, little bird,

an entire bottle

my morning tongue


do forgive me

all sped up

as sad as berlin

halfway empty

this sunken pleasure

eyelids fading

little loss

little known

lipton tea bottles,

a sad, sick cat

an arching doorway

i find my shoes

little bjorn,

baby bjorn,

i wonder always

the smallest of things



 the MET poem

there were black marble bedrooms

when the world was beautiful

pornographic or sanctimonious,

i dont remember

walking amongst ancient busts

thinking of  vaporwave

all the koi across

big waters co-


the restroom

i hear is in the

chinese gallery

thus i am in

the chinese gallery

in the restroom

my cell phone takes

a grainy selfie

planned obsolescence

in the 16th century

was unromantic

but the clouds

held cleaner water then

like if i fucked an

art history professor

i could see the world

thru his cum

fall/winter inspo

of 16th century saints

cloak & palette

their fingers

were as big

as my head,

constant boners

i think i want

to make a painting

of mitch

i am spoiled for this

& i will scream, sure

being a bad influence

on my dad & all,

i dreamt

a bumpy man in the corner

demanding i decorate

my room w oyster shells

like no thanks man

like my room was tropical

in high school don’t you know

send alex my thoughts

send amy my thoughts

send mitch my thoughts


my men &

labeling them, all free

we have grown in the ways

that we were supposed to

this much is certain

but why is this the way

i walk


Shy Watson is a poet & painter living in Brooklyn, NY. She wrote AWAY STATUS (Bottlecap Press 2016), & I Love You 2016 (Ghost City Press 2017) along with two other chapbooks. Her first full-length, Cheap Yellow, will be published in January with CCM. she tweets & instagrams @localsingle69