Poems by Jacklyn Janeksela


from one wolf howl to another, aka luna lobos

humming, a rippled moon imitates
the pupil of her eye/cocooned it shines

dance the dervish, the dainty, the devil
spin like spun like unravel my navel

we are still as trees
we embody a silence of death like sleeping
voiced, what is that thing in the middle of your chest
we unfurl like ferns or animal tongues
sung, trickle the energy, trickle the tickle, tickle the bond
we are still as darkness
/& light/

the humming, harkens & howls
is it a forested flesh that beckons her to us?

not yellowed teeth, but bright white
nearly multi-colored & gleaming like glue or shiny
everything can be renewed –
tucked into her palm/lines like unlies

plucks a feather for fever, maybe fecundity
guitar-string, hair tendril, feather bone
gone yet growing
trembled, we walk
towards a peak of a mountain or wave or moon beam



sewing sister part/y/s/

tailored the skin, mirrors yesterday’s
earth & lakes/mud or rain or gems
tailored the tongue utters reflections of
born & unborn nature & space & stars

//crumbled the heart, pulses even//
buried like beans made for vines
//crumbled the heart reclines into another//
cavity like tooth or body or itself

hold your finger so it silhouettes another finger
catch a color trained from rainbows

:: a soul has legs & a little will, walks away
tie a string around the waist ::



galaxy chat between 2

we are waxed she says
& i know from which hole she speaks
when we talk of rocks we mean hearts
a blister imitates cocoons and liquid life
we are water she says
& i know most of her atoms float already
when we talk of moon we mean each other
a wound unsealed fosters quiet like space
we are waves she says
& i know her intention was women


jacklyn janeksela can be found @ felled limbsOddball MagazineThe Nervous BreakdownBerfroisBarrelhouseUut PoetryPig LatinThought Catalog, & Luna Magazine, etc. & xyz, but not on the radio.  forthcoming in WhiskeyPaper,  Reality Hands, & Manneqüin Haüs.  she is in a post-punk band called the velblouds. her baby @ femalefilet.  more art @ artmugre & a clip.  she is an energy.