Tom Sawyer – Poems By Joseph Grantham

Written while working at a bookstore in lower Manhattan, TOM SAWYER is a book of poems about heartbreak, depression, family, role models and heroes, and growing up in America.

If you buy this book, your money will go to a nice guy with a mustache. Which is a lot better than spending your money on coffee or whatever. Anyways, it’s good poetry. Love, Mira.

Mira Gonzalez, author of i will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together

This is true. The poems are good. We like them so much that we asked the author to record a few for your listening pleasure. So please, listen to them. Then get the book from Civil Coping Mechanisms right here come September! Thanks so much. We love you. So does Joey Grantham.



creek poem

i’ve never painted a fence
fuck fences
there was a hole in one
we crawled through
franny dropped her jeans
and peed right there
in the creek
and then we took our shovels
and tried to dig a hole
to china
or wherever it is
people dig holes to
but then we had to go home
because jack’s mom (karen) was upset
she didn’t like how we ruined
jack’s jack-o-lantern
and left pumpkin
all over her garage

poem for billy

last night
at work
while we moved chairs
billy told me all
about robert altman

i know some things
about robert altman

i know a thing or two
about robert altman

but billy told me things
i didn’t know
about robert altman

the thing is
billy also told me
things i know
about robert altman

poem for derick

derick stand next to me
the color of your shirt
brings out something special
in my eyes
but also derick
there’s something
you must know
you have one of the worst names
a person could have


Tom Sawyer by Joseph Grantham comes out September 2018 from Civil Coping Mechanisms


JOSEPH GRANTHAM was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He grew up in California. He read books for awhile and wrote bad stories and poems and went to school. Not much happened. He lost his virginity when he was 18. He got his BA from Bennington College. He still reads books and writes. He runs Disorder Press with his sister.