The Left Hook of An Audiobook Publishing House


THE TALKING BOOK is a literary venture dedicated to promoting thoughtful discussions on the subjects of books, art, culture and the beautiful absurdity of existence. We believe literature is the ultimate guide in mankind’s quest for empathy and blah, blah, blah. Important blahs. Blahs that really mean something. Blahs with real guts. Bloody and useful blahs!

SPOKEN WORD INC is a futuristic audiobook publishing house nestled sweetly in the misty mountains of Asheville, NC. You might call her the sugar daddy of The Talking Book. One does not exist without the other, and this marriage of dreams is giving birth to wild things of all shapes and colors.

“What the hell is a futuristic audiobook publishing house?” is what you’re asking. To begin, we do our best to publish vital works of literature in the audiobook format– Books like F 250 by Bud Smith from Piscataway House, Bad Sex by Clancy Martin from Tyrant Books and Herman Melville’s Letters to Nathaniel Hawthorne. Got a silent book you want to make into a talking book? We’ll produce it and distribute the thing on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Scribd, Nook and a bunch of other online stores. We’ll do that and give you the largest cut of royalties out there. This is just what we do, and we do it because we support authors (first and foremost) and the literary arts. I shit you not.

We’re a small group of writers, sound engineers and loose cannons that started this house because we love literature. Not only that but we’re pressing audiobooks on vinyl, working on a print mag and other things that keep us connected to the physical. We dig the future but we’re very much in love with the how we got here.

Do your duty and take a look at what we do here. Follow our nonsense on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook while you’re at it.




Kris is the senior editor of Spoken Word Inc. He was once the co-founder and editor of the Tokyo art & literary community in TYOMAG. You can see his writing mumbo jumbo here.