Kokomo And Laura Theobald

Laura Theobald grew up in the Florida Keys and lives in the South. Her first book of poetry is What My Hair Says About You. She has an MFA in poetry from LSU and makes books for OOMPH! And BOAAT. Her website is

KOKOMO is the name of Laura Theobald’s newest collection of poems. It’s a book where we wanna go to get away from it all. Listen to the episode and read a few poems below. Get the book!






I don’t think I’ll ever live by the ocean again
unless the ocean rises up in time to meet me here
I think you would like it
in the place I grew up
people mainly want to drink there
you’re always saying there’s no time
like that episode of Saved by the Bell
where Jessie takes caffeine pills
there are no good recipes for cucumbers





a man is always the most beautiful
when he is sleeping
even if his thoughts are ugly
they’re trapped inside his head for the night
his eyes are closed
his lashes seem long and feminine
his hair is laying down
suddenly I want to draw a picture





I wish you would finger my pussy
or play with my tits a little
before you go to sleep
you came and I didn’t cum
and you played with my pussy a little
but I didn’t cum
and you stopped and you went to sleep





it’s hard to tell which way the wind is moving
when there’s nothing in it
it’s hard to tell also
what that is supposed to mean
about the wind



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Laura Theobald is a PhD student at UGA focusing on poetry and creative writing. She's the author of the full-length poetry collections Kokomo (Disorder Press, 2019) and What My Hair Says About You (Metatron, 2017), and the chapbooks Edna Poems (Lame House Press, 2016), The Best Thing Ever (Boost House, 2015), and eraser poems (H_ngm_n Books, 2014). She received an MFA from LSU, where she served as Editor in-Chief of the New Delta Review. Her poetry has appeared in jubilat, The VoltaHobartThe Atlas ReviewEveryday Genius, and Black Warrior Review, among others, and in the anthology Women of Resistance from O/R Books (2018).