Choose a voice actor. Or narrate it yourself.

Your book on 16 + channels: Audible, iTunes, & more.

You get the highest share of royalties; up to 75%.

Choose a voice actor. Or narrate it yourself.
Your book on 16 + channels: Audible, Scribd, & more.
You get the highest share of royalties; up to 75%.


The Independent Audiobook Publisher

Talking Book is THE independent audiobook publisher. We believe in producing stories that are gutsy and innovative. We’re all in this together, and that’s pretty darn cool.

The FACES behind the MOUTHS

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Ben Matchar


Ben founded Talking Book in a farmhouse in Vermont where he lived with a ghost and a massage therapist. He has won more than 100 Pulitzer Prizes, in his heart, where it really matters.


Kris Hartrum

Senior Editor

As protector of the babes and co-founder, Kris helped birth Talking Book into the world through the potent canals of his amygdala. His favorite books include How To Make Money In Your Spare Time and classics of radical ethical stoicism.

dave (2)

Dave Burr

Chief Sound Engineer

Dave is a master of sound and all things mid-sized rural NC towns. He comes from another dimension and a long line of great David’s including Bowie and Byrne.


Dani Harris


Dani Harris is a bookcover designer and content curator for Talking Book. She is also a dancer and the badass mother of the one and only Max Henry Hartrum.


Jameson Hartrum

Account Manager

Jameson eats bananas. That’s all we know about him so far. He could be a serial killer. We’re pretty sure he’s not a serial killer. Please let us know if you have any information one way or the other. Only one thing is certain: this brah loves to pyarty, brah.


Marcyanne Hanneman

Marketing & PR

Marcyanne is a first generation extraterrestrial and plant lover. For tales of her home world, you would have to ask her cat, Toru.


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